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Our Development Partner Program opens new possibilities in autonomous VTOL flight, with access to industry-leading capabilities and expert support.

GPS alone is not enough to meet the challenge of real world environments.

With Near Earth Autonomy, you can Fly Aware: Aware of terrain, of obstacles and other aircraft, aware of safe places to land. Aware of the world even when GPS goes dark.

These challenges must be met to realize the future of autonomous flight in the national airspace. Near Earth Autonomy leads the industry in solving them. With our Development Partner Program, you can too.

PROCESSDevelopment Partner Program


Autonomy Developer Kits

Jump start your project with a Near Earth Autonomy Developer Kit for safe autonomous flight and efficient data collection out of the box.

Kit Includes
  • Peregrine payload with sensing and computing capabilities
  • Aircraft Interface Machine (AIM), for command & flight control
  • PDK Mission Control, a simple mission planning app
  • Documentation and example source code
  • Professional Training and Support
VIDEO - Safe 50 Obstacle Avoidance

Application Support

Our experts work with you to identify and tailor our technology to meet the unique needs of your application.

Support Process
  • Requirements for design, integration and verification
  • Development Proposal
  • Contract Services
  • Custom development and integration
VIDEO - Precision Autonomous Without GPS


Prepare for production of your product or service with specialized hardware integration and software licensing to support your launch.

  • Package Delivery
  • Personal or Mass Transport
  • Search & Rescue
  • Reconnaissance
VIDEO - On Demand Mobility - Land Safe

CAPABILITIESDevelopment Partner Program


Fly Safe. Land Safe. Even without GPS.

Near Earth algorithms deliver robust autonomous flight in unknown environments through dedicated sensing and computing payloads adaptable to many air vehicles.


Peregrine provides a robust closed-loop guidance system producing smooth flying trajectory and velocity.

Obstacle Detection & Avoidance

During flight, lidar data populates a 3D evidence grid to detect and avoid stationary environment obstacles.

Landing Zone Selection

Safe landings are made possible by scanning potential landing zones and evaluating a safe flight path to touch-down.

Customizable Flight Data Collection

Raw data is recorded and easily exported using the onboard solid-state disk (SSD). Data is suitable for producing 3D point clouds.

Motion Planning

To achieve mission goals, safe paths are created by maintaining a safe margin from obstacles.

INQUIREDevelopment Partner Program

Program Inquiries

Ready to jumpstart your autonomy efforts? Contact us below about Near Earth Autonomy’s Development Partner Program or call 412-621-4300.